Thimbl has been nominated for the Transmediale/Mozilla Foundation Open Web Award!

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    Why? Well not only is drumbeat the host platform for the open web award, but even though it’s fairly new platform, it has the Mozilla foundation behind it and could well become an important hub for projects that create the web open, and the sooner you sign up, the more likely your favourite username is still available! So Sign up! In any case you need to sign up and be logged in to vote for Thimbl!

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  • Now, sit back and feel good about helping us in the battle against the centralization and enclosure of the internet! The Open Web Award would mean a lot for us, since it helps promote the ideas behind Thimbl and to attract enough participants to make it a viable platform. But, if you’re inspired to get even more involved, come say hi in our new community forum.

    Thanks! Pass it on, if you could.

    The Award

    transmediale has, in collaboration with Mozilla, announced the creation of the new Open Web Award 2011: a special third platform for radical, creative and innovative art works and projects that

  • - are on the web and about the web.
  • - use open and free technology, and
  • - incite participation and/or collaboration.
  • Along with two other great contenders, Graffiti Analysis/Graffiti Markup Language and Booki, Thimbl has been nominated out of a pool of 1000 submissions.

    Read more about the transmediale Award 2011. You can also follow transmediale @ Twitter to be updated.